BA LLB Orientation Programme

BA LLB Orientation Programme

Exciting Beginnings at SMS Law College!


The stage is set for a transformative journey as our 5-year BA LLB program kicks off with a two-day orientation program.


Chief Guest Prof. Shailendra Kumar Gupta graced us with his esteemed presence, setting the tone for an enriching academic venture. He said it’s an honor to be here at SMS Law College, witnessing the commencement of a promising journey for these bright young minds. Prof. Gupta emphasized that legal education plays a pivotal role in shaping societies, and anticipated that the students here will rise to the occasion.


Prof. P. N. Jha, Director, SMS Varanasi extended a warm welcome to the new students, ushering them into this vibrant learning community. He said that this is not just an academic institution, but a place where dreams are nurtured, and leaders are forged. While motivating the students, Prof Jha appealed students to embrace this experience with an open mind and a quest for knowledge.

Dr. Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Principal of SMS Law College, laying the foundation for a promising educational expedition, said that as we embark on this new session, remember that knowledge is the key to transformation.


SMS Law College is committed to provide a holistic legal education, where principles meet practice. Let's work together to create a generation of responsible legal professionals.

The inaugural session was impeccably coordinated by the diligent Dr. Upasana Wali, Assistant Professor.


Ms. Ashraya Dubey, Assistant Professor, concluded the session with a gracious Vote of Thanks, expressing gratitude to all who made this event a success.

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